”Thappu Thanda” Full HD Movie Online

thappu thanda movie online
thappu thanda movie online
thappu thanda movie online
thappu thanda movie online



  • Movie: Thappu Thanda
  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Srikantan
  •  Producer: Sathya_Murthi
  •  Writer: Srikantan
  •  Country: India
  •  Language: Tamil
  •  Release date: 8th September, 2017
  •  Duration: N/A
  •  Distributor: Clapboard production
  •  Screenplay on: Sathya Murthi, Shweta Gai, John Vijay, Mime Gopi
  •  Quality: High Definition 

Story Review:

Thappu Thanda is an upcoming Action Indian Tamil Movie 2017.In this movie you will get all of exclusive fight ! so you can watch & download with high quality & high definition stream. So enjoy of the full HD Action movie.

For the primary time we’ve got advocated a University for Robbers. Says Thappu Thanda’ Director Srikantan
Wherever the election takes place, there’s a precise happening that happens routinely everywhere the country. a large quantity of cash are going to be motion across the state so as to earn (bribe) the votes from Public. What happens if that lump of cash is ransacked by four normal youngsters? the solution are going to be disclosed by the future Dark – mirthful – Crime – adventure story Thappu Thanda’ that’s directed by woman Srikantan, the adherent of Veteran movie maker Balumahendra.

Produced by Sathyamurthi underneath the banner ‘Clapboard Production’, the movie ‘Thappu Thanda’ has Sathya – Shweta Gai within the lead and Mime Gopi, John Vijay, Ajay Ghosh, E Ramdoss, Madras Ravi, Mahendran, Naga, Snajeevi, Ashmita Priya, Jiva Ravi and Aatma within the polar roles. it’s to be noted that the ‘Three – Plot’ story is well protected by a bunch of proficient technicians that features photographer A Vinod Bharathi (Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe), conductor Naren Balakumar, Editor S P Raja Sethupathi (Sathuranga Vettai) and stage director B Shiva Sankar.“Our ‘Thappu Thanda’ could be a 3 – plot story. initial plot can revolve around Election, Second plot can revolve around four normal robbing trainees and also the third plot speaks concerning the love bond of Heroine and her boyfriend…To be terribly easy, half are going to be Dark – Comedy and also the half are going to be Crime –Thriller.

John Vijay Sir’s character is that the main highlight of our movie. For the terribly initial time, he runs associate exclusive university for Robbin He collects resume from many children and train them step – by – step in theft. Likewise Ajay Ghosh sir has acted {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very crucial role and his character can take our movie to totally different dimensions. when ‘Visaaranai’, his role in our movie can earn Brobdingnagian appreciations. Our Hero ejaculate Producer Sathyamurthi UN agency hailed from ‘Koothu Pattarai’ has done justice for the role…. we have a tendency to area unit pretty positive that our ‘Thappu Thanda’ can stand out of the box from different Dark – mirthful – Crime – adventure story movie’s says Director Srikantan during a assured tone.


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