Pullikkaran Staraa Malayalam Comedy Movie Online

Pullikkaran-Staraa Movie online
Pullikkaran-Staraa Movie online
Pullikkaran-Staraa Movie online
Pullikkaran-Staraa Movie online
  • Movie: Pullikkaran Staraa
  • Genre: comedy
  • Director: Shyam dhar
  • Producer: B. Rakesh
  • Country: India
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Writer: Ratheesh Ravi
  • Sound: Renganaath Ravee
  • Release date: 1st September, 2017
  • Duration: N/A
  • Screenplay on: Mammootty, Asha Sarath, Deepti Sati, Dileesh Pothan, Innocent
  • Production House: Universal Cinema,
  • Quality: High definition
  • Cinematography: Vinod Illampally
  • Editing: Ratheesh Raj
  • Art Direction: Thyagu Thavanoor


Pullikkaran Staraa Movie Review:

Mega star Mammootty prima Pullikkaran Staraa pic is one in all well-liked among latest Onam releases in September 2017. This movie is obtaining wonderful reports from all emotional centers. during this pic “Pullikkaran Stara” role player Asha Sarath is heroine. this may be a motivating human pic throughout this festivalk season of Onam in Kerala. Mammootty pic Pullikkaran Stara is competitive with Mohanlal pic Velipadinte Pusthakam.

Role of actor Mammootty during this Malayalam cinema is that of a trainer whose job is to coach lecturers and encourage them. means of teachings by actor Mammootty is what makes him further normal during this pic. The title of this movie is that of what alternative says concerning Rajakumaran as ‘Pullikkaran Stara’ and during this pic we will see what it means that. Teaser trailer of Pullikkaran Stara has been already discharged.

Malayalam pic Pullikkaran Stara provides importance to situational comedy and this new experiment makes this movie a motivating one. Director of this pic is Shyam Dhar and script is by Ratheesh Ravi. solid of role player during this movie includes Asha Sarath, Deepti Sati and attention-grabbing characters done by Dileesh Pothan, Hareesh Perumana, Innocent .etc.

Release date of Pullikkaran Staraa is on Friday, one September 2017 in the slightest degree emotional centers in Kerala. Music musician M Jayachandran has done music composing and Gopi Sundar has done background music for this pic


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